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Service Lab / Grape and Wine Institute / University of Missouri

Service Lab

the wine scan machine in the Service Lab with wine bottles lined up next to it

The GWI Service Laboratory at the University of Missouri analyzes grape juice, wine, and cider samples to support the production of high-quality products across the state. Customers have access to analytical data as well as consulting through the extension mission of the Grape and Wine Institute.

Instructions for sample submission

  1. Please fill out the sample submission form (PDF) and include a printed copy with your samples.

  2. If you are personally delivering your samples, please use one of the 30-minute parking spots on the west side of Eckles Hall or a visitor spot in AV12 (see Service Lab parking map). Please make parking arrangements if your visit to GWI is expected to exceed the 30-minute limit. The GWI Service Lab is located in 135 Eckles Hall. Follow the wayfinding signs in the building.

  3. If you are shipping your samples, please use well-sealed plastic containers with plenty of cushioning material and select overnight delivery. The shipping address is:

    GWI Service Lab
    Attn. Connie Liu
    135 Eckles Hall
    Columbia, MO 65211

    The results will be sent to you via email usually within 24 to 48 hours using the email address you provide on the sample submission form.

    Invoices will be sent by email and can be paid by check only until further notice.

Pricing information

Individual tests for single attributes:
Attribute Method Accuracy Price per sample
Absorbance Single wavelength High $5
Multiple wavelengths High $8
Acetic acid (VA) FT-MIR Medium $5
Distillation Medium-High $15
UPLC High $20
Enzymatic High $16
Alcohol FT-MIR Medium $5
Ebulliometry Medium $12
Brix FT-MIR Medium $5
Refractometry High $7
Citric acid FT-MIR Medium $5
UPLC High $20
Enzymatic High $16
Glucose + Fructose FT-MIR Medium $5
Enzymatic High $16
Lactic Acid FT-MIR Medium $5
UPLC High $20
Enzymatic High $16
Malic acid FT-MIR Medium $5
UPLC High $20
Enzymatic High $16
pH FT-MIR Medium $5
pH meter High $7
Stability Cold stability Medium $10
Heat stability Medium $10
Fining trial Medium $15
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) FT-MIR Medium $10
Titration (A-O) Medium $20
Titration (Ripper) Medium $15
Tartaric acid FT-MIR Medium $5
UPLC High $20
Colorimetric High $16
Titratable acidity (TA) FT-MIR Medium $5
Titration High $15
Total polyphenols Folin C High $16
Total tannins MCP assay High $16
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN) FT-MIR Medium $5
Spectrophotometry High $20

Grouped tests — common combination of tests bundled for discount:
Name Panel Method Accuracy Price per sample
Acid Spectrum Acetic acid, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid FT-MIR Medium $10
UPLC High $60
Anthocyanin Spectrum Anthocyanin spectrum HPLC High $70
Aroma Spectrum Aroma compounds GC High $70
Juice Panel 1 Brix, pH, TA FT-MIR Medium $8
Reference methods High $20
Juice Panel 2 Brix, pH, TA, Malic acid, YAN FT-MIR Medium $12
Reference methods High $28
Polyphenol Spectrum Total polyphenols, Iron Reactive Phenolics, Total tannins Spectrophotometry High $50
Wine Panel 1 Alcohol, pH, TA, SO2 FT-MIR Medium $12
Reference methods High $28
Wine Panel 2 Alcohol, pH, TA, VA, SO2 FT-MIR Medium $15
Reference methods High $30
Wine Panel 3 Alcohol, Sugars, pH, TA, Malic acid, Tartaric acid, VA, SO2 FT-MIR Medium $18
Reference methods High $35
photo of GWI Service Lab sign in the Eckles lobby


If you would like to request analytical services that are not listed above or if you have any other questions, please contact our laboratory manager Connie Liu.

Phone: 573-882-4972