Missouri grape growers produce grapes using more than 12 varieties. These varieties have names that differ from well-known varieties of USA west coast states, Europe, and South America. Missouri's varieties are adapted to our soils and our unique climate, including subfreezing winters and humid summers. The following graph illustrates the portion of total acreage occupied by the nine most popular varieties.

To learn more about each variety and the wine they produce, please use the following link: Missouri Wines: Varietals

Wineries: Missouri has more than 120 wineries. To find information about these wineries, including locations, please use this link: Missouri Wines: Winery search

Social media group: There is a Facebook Group for our wine club "GWI Missouri's Wine Lovers."" This community discusses all aspects of wine. It provides a place to share knowledge, visits, and anything else related to wine. See the Facebook Group for additional information. To view and join, log on to your Facebook account and search for GWI Missouri's Wine Lovers.

Award-winning wines: Each year hundreds of Missouri wines are entered and blind-tasted by experts from across the country every year at the Missouri Wine Competition. Winning wines are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. A best of class is determined for each of 13 categories (dry red, sweet white, fruit, dessert, and nine others). The best wine across all classes is awarded the Governor's Cup. The state wine is Norton. The best Norton wine is awarded the C.V. Riley Award. Use this link to view this year's winners, as well those from previous years: Missouri Wines: Missouri Wine Competitions