No. 8 — May 13, 2019

Weather Forecast — Heavy Rains Predicted

More rains are very likely over the next five days. Predictive models suggest that some areas in Missouri could receive from 3 to 4 inches of rainfall. If your past fungicide cover spray is nearing the end of the protective cycle, consider taking advantage of dry weather to apply the next protective cover spray prior to predicted large rainfall amounts. Waiting until dry weather returns after the predicted rains may result in a couple of problems. First, the past cover spray if near the end of its protective cycle and prolonged wetting periods will likely result in infection periods for Phomopsis and black rot. Also with the rise in temperatures and tissue wetness, there is great potential for the development of downy mildew infections. Secondly, soils remain very saturated, and even small amounts of rainfall will make it difficult getting spray equipment through a vineyard. Think ahead and watch the weather.

Title: Rainfall forecast ver the next 7 days beginning 7 a.m., Wed, May 15 thr 7 a.m., Wed, May 22, 2019. Map of the midwest states showing forecasted precipitation totals illustratrated, with greater totals of 4 inches at eastern Missouri-Kansas border, and lesser totals extending from that center. Map url: htto://www.wpc.ncep/

Image credit: Pat Guinan

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