No. 4 — April 15, 2019

Potential for Frost Damage in April — Unlikely

The long-range low temperature forecast through April has no temperatures predicted below 32 degrees F. The frost freeze guide predicts that most Missouri counties have less than a 50 percent chance of temperatures below 32 degrees after April 15 (Figure 3). At this point in the season below 32 degree temperatures are unlikely through the end of April.

Infographic titled Spring Median Date of Temperature  Less than or Equal to 32 degrees F for 1981 to 2010: The bootheel area shows spring median date of March 31, and concentric rings imcreasing dates up to April 12; a pocket in the south shows median date around April 15; most of the state shows median date closer to April 12; pocket of northern Missouri shows later dates of April 15, April 16 above that, and April 21 at the very northernly edge

Figure 3. After April 15, there is a 50% chance that temperatures will be ≤ 32 degrees F. For more information on frost freeze dates, see Missouri Frost/Freeze Probabilities Guide. Image credit: Pat Guinan, MU Extension Professor of Climatology

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